Uncle Albert's is Retiring in Summer 2024 starting April 2nd

About us

Uncle Albert’s Home Furnishing was established in 1973 by John Ayearst. John’s daughter Jill joined the company in 1985. For the past 50 years Uncle Alberts has strived to support Canadian-Made furniture companies, focused on providing the Cowichan Valley with built-to-last products and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Canadian-Made furniture supports the Canadian economy. There are no tariffs on Canadian-Made furniture, saving the customer on shipping costs associated with off-shore products. 

At Uncle Albert’s, our focus is on longevity and sustainability. We have clients who have had their furniture for 20+ years, handing it down to their children and grandchildren. 

If you want to buy furniture built to last, let our family owned & operated business guide you in finding pieces that will become family heirlooms instead of ending up in landfills.

Stop by our 12,000 square foot showroom and see all of the cover and configuration options to fit your space and design.